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Providing “Total Indoor Environmental Solutions”

Big Red strongly believes that everyone should live and work in a properly balanced environment to maintain long term comfort and sustainability. Our vast experience in indoor environmental issues,  gives the edge of providing you a Total One-Stop Solution Centre.

Most of us spend about 85 percent of our time indoors, where pollutant levels may be 2-5 times higher, and sometimes 100 times higher, than outdoors. Big Red defines indoor air pollution as chemical, physical or biological contamination’s in the breathable air inside a habitable structure – such as homes, schools, offices, and vehicles. Indoor air pollution can arise from natural sources, building materials, products in use, and occupant activities. Health effects from indoor air pollution can range from the immediate to long-term, and their management from treatable to severely debilitating or fatal.

Big Red implement strategies that seek to reduce human health risks posed by contaminants in indoor environments. Big Red Environmental Diagnostics uses sound scientific methods to check those areas at risk, and recommends practical solutions to mitigate indoor air quality problems and minimise the risk of their recurrence.

CSR – Giving back to Society

At Big Red, we believe in growing and sharing with our community. If you are a not-for-profit organization or an individual who has environmental problems, we will be more than happy to assist you at no cost.

Equal Opportunity Employer

At Big Red, our staff are like members of our family. We believe in providing our staff at all levels with equal opportunities, motivation and training.

Big Red Singapore Group of Companies

Big Red Carpet Cleaners Pte Ltd


Established in 1986, Big Red is a leading Singapore carpet cleaning company, having served more than 4000 customers island-wide. We are proud to be the official carpet cleaners for many prestigious and recognized names in Singapore. Learn more.

Disaster Restoration Singapore Pte Ltd


Disaster Restoration Singapore (DRS) is Singapore’s leading Disaster Restoration Company. DRS is the largest stockist of de-flooding of flood recovery, reparation and prevention equipment in the country and guarantees effective and rapid recovery from flood damage.

DRS restores buildings, inventories, machinery, electronics, damaged documents and electronic data. Clients receive the best solutions available to mitigate their loss and get back to business under pre-loss conditions, in as short a time as possible. Learn more.

Aegis Asia Pte Ltd


Aegis Asia is Singapore’s largest bio-decontamination company, providing treatment with non-leaching anti-microbial agents and specializing in the areas of microbial pollutants and control of indoor environments. Learn more.

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