Big Red Launches Allergy Friendly Environment for Hotel

It has been estimated millions of the world population suffer from allergies; many have experience environmental illness and develop chemical sensitivity. Study done in US reports nearly one in four travelers who experience anything from sniffles and watery eyes to acute respiratory distress. Microscopic irritants such dust, dust mites, mold or fungi, bacteria and even chemicals such as chlorine, can prompt an allergic or asthmatic reaction, especially when airborne. These contaminants exist everywhere, however according to the US EPA; air in a typical indoor environment can be 3 to 10 times more contaminated than outside air.

Big Red has develop it own propriety system, that tackle all the issue from the top treating and taking care of the air con system to the occupied space, walls, fabrics, mattress with encasement, carpet disinfectants, and the environment treated with ox bio shield to inhibits the growth of micro organism.

Big Red has got very good reviews and feedback from its users after the treatment. We believe this System is the program for the future. Guest will demand for it as awareness builds up and hotel will have this as a standard in their rooms in the future.