Data Loggers

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DaqLink 4-Channel

4-Channel Multi-Probe Standalone Data Logger


Specifically designed to incorporate the needs of field logging, the DaqLink data logger enables reliable, accurate and continuous data monitoring.

The DaqLink built-in sensors support standard temperature and humidity environment monitoring needs and an extensive range of data acquisition requirements are also accommodated with four external sensor inputs for PT-100, Thermocouple J, K and T, 0-1 V, 0-50 mV, 4-20 mA, Contact, Frequency and Pulse Counter. This broad range of universal inputs allows for multiple combinations of sensors specific to customers’ applications.

For independent data monitoring, the DaqLink features include:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • On-site data monitoring with two-row graphic display
  • Intuitive keypad with Run/Pause logging option
  • 16-bit data logging resolution
  • Real-time data streaming to PC or storage to onboard memory for later download
  • Immediate response alarm alerts
  • Audible alarm buzzer

DataNet Mesh Network

High-End Wireless Data Acquisition System

DataNet hardware and software solution empowers any organization to control distributed networks from a single location.


Using Zigbee wireless mesh network configuration, allowing for 65,000 units in each network, DataNet enables real-time monitoring of multiple test points in a single operation.

  • Reliable bi-directional transmission ensuring no data loss
  • Transmission range can be constantly expanded by adding additional network units
  • Minimal costs thanks to wire-free infrastructure
  • Portable units facilitating easy deployment in various environments
  • Receivers, recognizing up to 8 end units and 16 Repeaters
  • Repeaters, recognizing up to 24 end units and 16 Repeaters (simultaneously)

DataNet System contains:

DNL910 and DNL920

Internal temperature and/or humidity loggers. Supports four external inputs: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 1 V, 0 to 50 mV, PT-100 2 wires, Thermocouples (J, K and T), Dry Contact, Pulse Counter and Frequency. Rechargeable battery operation.

DNL910 PA and DNL920 PA

Loggers with integrated power amplifier for extended range. Same supported external and internal sensors as DNL910 and DNL920.

DNR900 Receiver/Repeater

The heart of the system controls and collects the data from the end units. Also suitable for extending the system range.

Mini DataNet Models

DNL804 (External 4 to 20 mA) | DNL808 (External NTC 10K?) | DNL810 (Internal Temp/RH).

DNR800 Mini Repeater

For extending the system range.

DataNet Diagram

DataNet Diagram (click to enlarge)

Microlite USB Logger

The Plug and Record Mini Logger


Compact, aesthetic and innovative design positions the MicroLite as the ultimate plug and record temperature data logger. MicroLite can directly connect via USB to the computer, as well as clearly display data on the logger’s numeric screen. In addition, the stored MicroLite data can be downloaded automatically to the MicroLab Lite software. The MicroLite has been dustproof and waterproof tested to meet highest market standards. To further ensure easy global usage, the battery is easily replaceable since it is a standard model used worldwide.

The product is designed for ultimate application accessibility whether mobile or static. Typical applications for this product include transportation as well as warehousing of food, drugs and hi-tech equipment.

Product Features

  • Supports USB 2.0 interface enabling fast track communication
  • High functionality yet low cost enabling use as a one-trip logger
  • High resolution 16-bit (0.1 ºC) data logger
  • High accuracy of 0.3 ºC
  • Long life battery using NanoWatt technology
  • Optional 8,000 or 16,000 sample memory
  • Magnet key to activate logging
  • LCD display with decimal point reading
  • Min/Max and alarm level readings
  • Complimentary MicroLab Lite analysis software
  • Built-in real-time clock and calendar
  • Range -40 ºC to 80 ºC
  • Fast sampling rate of once per second

MicroLite Diagram

MicroLite Diagram


MicroLog Temp/Hum

8-bit Quality Keeper Data Logger


Two data logger models are available:

  • Internal Temperature sensor plus one external sensor input
  • Internal Humidity and Temperature sensors plus one external sensor input

A compact 8-bit data logger capable of recording data for months, even long term shipping and storage. All data viewing, data export, and printing is done via two function keys. Both the Temperature data logger and the combined Humidity and Temperature data loggers are available together with full range of external sensors.

  • 10 year legacy of customer satisfaction, reliability and application experience
  • Up to 3 parameters: Temp, humidity and external sensors
  • Accurate, portable 8-bit (MicroLog) and 10-bit (MicroLogPRO) data loggers
  • All data viewing, export, and printing is done via two function keys
  • View up to 30 days min/max history on LCD screen
  • Water and dust proof (IP65/NEMA 4)
  • Infrared communication to portable thermal printer
  • Records months of data – up to 16,000 or 54,000 samples
  • External sensors include: Temperature, pH, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V and more
  • 4-20 mA and 0-10 V inputs allow for connection with any industry standard sensors
  • Sensor values are displayed in their own units on the LCD
  • MicroLab analysis software enabling powerful monitoring and data analysis capability

MicroLog Diagram

MicroLog Diagram

MicroLog Integrates

MicroLog Integrates


Click here to view MicroLog Specifications (PDF Format)

MLogPRO Temp/Hum

10-bit Data Logger for Innovation and Accuracy


Two data logger models are available:

  • Internal Temperature sensor plus one external sensor input
  • Humidity and Temperature sensors plus one external sensor input

The 10-bit MicroLogPRO carries all all the benefits of the 8-bit MicroLog plus some additional innovative new features.

  • Higher sampling resolution for more accurate readings
  • Increased memory – 52,000 samples
  • Enhanced 4 digit LCD display

MicroLogPRO 10-bit offers a Temperature data logger and a combined Humidity and Temperature humidity data logger together with a full range of external sensors.

The MicroLogPRO is fully featured, enabling its use in a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical; food production and storage; transportation; museums, clean rooms and HVAC, to name a few.

MicroLog Diagram

MicroLog Diagram

MicroLog Integrates

MicroLog Integrates


Click here to view MicroLog Specifications (PDF Format)

DaqPRO 8-Channel

Standalone Data Acquisition and Analysis System


An eight-channel all-in-one data logging solution, with graphic displays and built-in analysis functions for full portability.

The DaqPRO™ is a portable, battery operated data acquisition and logging system offering 16-bits, high-resolution, 8 channel data logging. The DaqPRO™ features powerful graphical display and analysis functions for measuring voltage, current and temperature. It is designed to provide a professional, compact, stand-alone low cost data logging system for a wide variety of applications.

System benefits include:

  • High-end data acquisition hand-held mobile solution
  • 8 channels each capable of measuring seven popular parameters
  • Setup on every port makes it viable for all industries
  • Stand-alone operation: Display and keyboard for field programming and analysis (graph/table)
  • Rechargeable 7.2 V battery with over 500 charging cycles
  • High sampling rate – up to 4,000 samples/second (on Input 1 only)
  • Large data storage 512 KB RAM
  • Fast communication channels: USB
  • Multiple logging storage of up to 100 sampling sessions
  • Scales readings into meaningful engineering units e.g. bar, ppm
  • Built-in clock and calendar keeps track of time and date for each data recording
  • On screen text editing to annotate collected data
  • Truly Independent Data Acquisition in the Field

DaqPRO™ is battery operated and is capable of sampling, processing and displaying measurements without connecting to a computer. Designed to serve the needs of professional data loggers, DaqPRO™ is a professional, cost-effective, compact and stand-alone data logging system that can be used with a wide variety of applications. This 16-bit, high-resolution, eight-channel data logger offers the pros graphic displays and analysis functions for measuring voltage, current and temperature in real-time.