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HVE 3000 Portable Flood Pumper and Inline Truckmount Booster


Robust, durable and powerful, the HVE 3000 flood pumper lets you remove water from flooded structures quickly and effectively. Designed with robust restoration features, the unit can also be used as an inline pumpout to boost truckmount performance on long hose runs, enhancing your access to difficult-to-reach areas and accelerating your production.

Pair the HVE 3000 with the Rover HVE, a wand, or other manual extraction tool and used to remove excess water in large or multi-level units like apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, offices, and large residential homes.

High vacuum performance. Dual vacuum blowers and 2 in. inlets and outlets for maximum airflow.

High maneuverability. Unique vacuum hose and housing design makes moving the unit easy – just pull on the hose! Slim profile to fit through the narrowest doors – only 22.5 in. wide.

High capacity waste tank. 12 gallon tank means fewer trips to the drain!

Auto pumpout and quick gravity drain. Standard garden hose connection for auto-pumpout, or use the large toilet-height gravity drain.

Exhaust air passes through HEPA filter. Captures contaminates instead of spreading them!

Product Features

  • Easiest cleanout filter. Just pop the clamps on the clear plastic cover and lift out the basket for rinsing.
  • A high flow, high volume clog-resistant sump pump – handles up to ½ in. solids.
  • Rugged construction. Rotomolded housing resists dings and scratches. Low center of gravity provides balanced transport; easy on stairs!
  • Bypass the waste tank for black water flood extraction to keep the tank clean.

Download the HVE 3000 Flood Pumper Manual

Rover High Volume Extractor:
Fast Extraction with Unsurpassed Maneuverability


The Rover HVE will change the way you think about extraction. Unsurpassed maneuverability and loads of special features make extraction more efficient than ever. The Rover’s joystick precisely controls separate drive wheels to allow easy maneuvering around the sharpest corners. Its patent-pending stainless head with custom polymer glide has a self-healing edge that easily rides over the carpet to maximize extraction on ALL types of carpet.

Efficient in use, transport and storage. An easy 2-speed switch optimizes extraction effectiveness, and a clear take-up tube shows progress while you work. Integrated wheels make it easy to transport the Rover HVE from the van to the job and back. The unit’s ergonomic handle collapses easily for storage.

Product Features

  • Separate drive wheels allow the Rover HVE to move easily around corners and in tight spots
  • Replaceable polymer glide seals firmly over all carpets to provide deep extraction
  • Joystick is rated for 5 million cycles
  • Collapsible handle for space-saving storage and ease of transport
  • Front loading wheels make the unit easy to transport and store
  • Extraction can be visually monitored through the clear take-up tube

Download the Rover HVE Extractor Manual

The Big Gulp 4500: Purpose-built Power for Flood Extraction


The Big Gulp 4500 is sold and serviced by the Sapphire Scientific distributor network. Click here to locate a Sapphire distributor near you.

Big Gulp 4500 provides high velocity and quick-recovery water removal in homes, businesses, production facilities, accident sites, commercial locations – anywhere thorough, efficient water removal is needed. Designed by truckmount veterans with many years of experience in the industry, the Big Gulp is constructed with premium-quality components and engineered to withstand the rigors of professional extraction. Make fast work of any water extraction job with the Big Gulp!

Product Features

  • The 4-cycle 35 HP gasoline-powered Briggs and Stratton operates at 3000 RPM, delivering top performance and low maintenance.
  • Delivering 600 CFM, the GardnerDenver 410 Vacuum Pump has a proven track record of providing optimum vacuum performance day in and day out.
  • Marine-grade stainless steel construction with automatic shut off at 120 gallons. A big capacity 3-inch waste dump port means quick dumping and easy cleanout.
  • Provides 45 GPM (at 60 ft. of head) waste disposal, significantly greater than competitive waste pumpouts.
  • Two 2½ inch vacuum inlet ports allow two techs to extract with one machine. A 4-inch exhaust port virtually eliminates back pressure on vacuum system to maximize performance
  • Vacuum gauge and hour meter for monitoring job progress and maintenance.

Download the Big Gulp 4500 Manual

Big Gulp 3500: Fast and Efficient Water Removal


The Big Gulp 3500 is sold and serviced by the Sapphire Scientific distributor network. Click here to locate a Sapphire distributor near you.

The Big Gulp 3500 is a highly efficient system for removing water from homes, businesses, production facilities, accident sites, or any location where water needs to be removed quickly. Purpose-built for extraction, the 3500 delivers the uncompromising performance and reliability you need.

Both Big Gulp 3500 models include:

  • 50 ft. of 2.5 in. vacuum hose
  • 50 ft. of 2 in. vacuum hose
  • Group 24 battery box
  • Installation kit
  • Operation and Service Manual

The APO (Automatic pump-out) waste disposal system is installed on the 72-3501 model only. (Suggested price listed above does not include APO.) The APO provides up to 45 GPM of pumping capacity.

The Big Gulp 3500 is covered under Sapphire’s exclusive two year parts and labor warranty.

Product Features

  • 120 gallon marine-grade aluminum construction
  • Extra large 3-inch port for fast dumping and easy cleanup
  • Two 2-inch vacuum ports allow two techs to extract with one machine
  • Vacuum gauge and hour meter for monitoring job progress and tracking maintenance.
  • Industrial-grade components with proven reliability

Download the Big Gulp 3500 Manual