Delmhorst QuickNav

Compact, Versatile and Accurate Metering

Delmhorst QuickNavDeveloped exclusively for Dri-Eaz, the QuickNav incorporates a pin mode, a scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld unit. Instantly calculates dewpoint, grains per pound, and vapor pressure.

The QuickNav kit includes the QuickNav meter, a rugged carrying case, the 26-ES Hammer Probe, the 21-E insulation electrode, the 2-E short pin electrode, and the exclusive 2-E/SPLIT electrode with alligator clips for checking under cabinets and other hard to reach areas.

Each Delmhorst meter features the following:

  • Rugged construction that ensures years of reliable use
  • Sturdy shock-resistant plastic carrying case protects meter from damage
  • 9V battery
  • 1 year no-hassle warranty

Product Features

  • Thermohygrometer measures RH, temperature, calculates dew point, GPP, and vapor pressure
  • Backlit display, adjustable alarm, reading hold feature
  • Correction scales include wood and drywall

Download the Delmhorst QuickNav Owner’s Manual ยป