Digital Psychrometric Calculator

Makes Critical Moisture Calculations Easy and Fast

Digital Psychrometric Calculator Now you can make the scientific calculations you need for water damage restoration with speed, precision, and ease. The Digital Psychrometric/Dehumidifier Calculator from Dri-Eaz helps you find fast answers to make the best on-the-job decisions. Sold in boxes of 5.

Features seven unique calculations:

  • GPP. Calculate the Grains Per Pound (GPP) to find the actual weight of water in the air.
  • Thirst. How much additional moisture can the current air conditions support as water vapor? Thirst tells you the remaining moisture-carrying capacity of the air in terms of GPP.
  • Dew Point is the temperature at which water vapor condenses out of the air. Dew point varies with fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity.
  • LGR Dehumidifier Pints provides a general guideline for determining the number of LGR dehumidifer pint removal needed for the particular environment.
  • Number of Airmovers provides a general guideline for determining the number of airmovers needed per square foot on a Class 2 or Class 3 water damage.
  • Convert between GPP and g/Kg
  • Convert between C° and F°
  • Regular calculator functions, too!

Product Features

  • Calculates Grains Per Pound, Thirst, Dew Point, Dehumidifier Pint Removal, and Number of Airmovers.
  • Also converts between GPP and g/kg and Farenheit and Celsius
  • Includes regular calculator functions and memory
  • Pocket-size with vinyl case

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