Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace

Heat Where You Need It

Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace Now you can bring all the heat you need right to the job site. The trailer-mounted diesel-fired Dragon X2 provides up to three days of continuous operation without refueling. The unit’s 55 gal. (max.) onboard tank eliminates the mess and hassle of external tanks and/or daily refueling required by other mobile heaters.

The Dragon’s 100,000 BTU capacity, three-outlet design and recirculation capability delivers maximum heat to the job site for restoration, event shelters, and work areas – wherever clean, dry temporary heat is needed.

Completely self-contained in its own weatherproof DOT-approved trailer, the Dragon X2 saves space in your vehicles and provides safer, more secure operation than other heater types running inside occupied structures.

The Dragon utilizes an indirect-fired design, which keeps combustion air and exhaust completely separate from the air it heats. This allows the Dragon to deliver heated air without adding fumes, smoke or moisture.

Product Features

  • Trailer-mounted, integrated 55 gallon fuel tank, built-in storage, and weather-sealed hood and rain shield. Ready to roll!
  • No fumes, no added moisture
  • Includes three 25 ft. sections of 8 in. semi-rigid ducting
  • Simple on-board controls and remote thermostat sensor
  • Two lockable, weatherproof cabinets for duct storage, tools, etc.
  • Tough powdercoated finish for long life

Download the Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace Manual »