The Air In Your Enviroment Could Be Making You Sick!

Allergy and disease-causing dust, pollen, fungus and bacteria have set up housekeeping in your air conditioning ducts. Each time the fan goes on, it forces them into your living environment for you to breathe… morning, noon and night.

Now recognized as a major allergy and disease causing problem by the American Lung Association and other leading medical authorities, doctors and allergists commonly prescribe home heating and air conditioning duct cleaning as a solution.

Today’s homes and businesses are better insulated which not only prevents outside air from entering the building, but also traps the air inside. In addition to warming your enviroment and cooling system works to recycle contaminated air inside your home.

Persons With Allergies

Persons with allergies and asthma worry about the airborne particles and pollen outside, but do you realize that the air inside your environment may be more polluted than outdoor air. Since most Singaporean spend more than 90% of their time indoors, your indoor air pollution can be a real problem where you live or work.

The World’s Lastest Airduct Cleaning Technology

Airduct Cleaning

How Our Technology Works

We operates on the simple philosophy of cleaning based on “source removal”.

What is means is the physical removal of contaminants from inside the ducts. To achieve proper cleaning, the duct work is put under negative pressure and the contaminants are dislodged from the inner walls of the duct using robotic technology.

Besides being simple and efficient, the system provides a cost-effective solution to improving IAQ – thereby preventing the dreaded Sick Building Syndrome.

Our technology system does more than just clean. It provides fresher, healthier air, which has been cleaned of its pollutants.

6 Easy Steps

The Aegisasia approach to clean, safe air is done in four easy steps.

STEP 1: Environmental audit of buildings

STEP 2: Clean duct

STEP 3: Remove poulants

STEP 4: Preventive maintenance programme

Simple Maintenance

Say goodbye to unhealthy air. Our system is so simple and yet effective, assuring you of a healthier indoor environment through an inexpensive maintenance programme. Cost of cleaning the air delivery system is less than 5% of total replacement costs.

The Benefits

Improve Indoor Air Quality
We provides cleaner, healthier and fresher indoor air for you and the occupants of your building – thereby preventing potential problems arising from the Sick Building Syndrome.

Safeguard Health
We helps to improve the health of employees and other occupants of the buildings and dwellings. The use of its system improves indoor air quality, enables proper circulation of clean and fresh air, reduces carbon monoxide build-up and eradicates germ carriers.

Increase Productivity
Our technology has been proven to increase staff productivity. Cleaner, safer air means fewer medical problems and symptoms of illness – leading to enhanced performance and productivity. Absenteeism is minimised.

Cut Down Electricity
The use of the our System helps cut down electricity bills as air-conditioning systems become more efficient.

Reduce Risk Of Fire And Explosions
By removing combustible materials that build up in the ducting systems, the risk of fire and explosions is minimised. (For Kitchen Hood and Ducts)

Protect The Environment
We helps to improve the general quality of the environment for all Germ carriers such as dust and mites are prevented from polluting the environment. Bad gases are eliminated. Ventilation is improved.